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Water Treatment

When it comes to your water, you should expect spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes and a shower stall minus the water spots.

Water softeners, conditioners and other water treatment systems reduce the dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and to some degree manganese and ferrous iron ion concentration in hard water. Hard water is characterized by a high mineral content and a recharging cycle is required to minimize the minerals. Buildup of these minerals will affect the taste of your water, contribute to drain clogs and reduce efficiency of water heaters.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a whole house water treatment approach that will improve the water you need, every day.

Our water treatment system will treat your home’s water problems including

  • removing sediment particles as small as 20 microns
  • improving taste and odors through a special activated carbon filter
  • neutralizing acidity by elevating the pH levels
  • reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfides that contribute to staining of fabrics, dishes and fixtures

A water conditioning and softening system will save you money on soaps and detergents while eliminating the scale buildup that can potentially harm your water-using appliances.

Water treatment systems can be installed under the sink for direct use for your kitchen needs or used as whole house systems to meet all of your water conditioning needs. They are classified in five different categories:

Manual Water Treatment: There are several types of manual softeners. You open and close valves to control the frequency, rate and time length of the recharging or softening process.

Semi-Automatic Water Treatment: You initiate only the recharging cycle. A button is pushed when the softener needs recharging and the unit will control and complete the recharging or softening process.

Automatic Water Treatment: An automatic softener usually is equipped with a timer that initiates the recharging or softening cycle and every step in the process. You need only to set the timer and add salt when necessary. It is the most popular type of softener used.

Demand Initiated Regeneration (DIR): All operations are initiated and performed automatically in response to the demand for softened water. DIR systems generally have two softening tanks and a brine tank. While one tank is softening, the other tank is recharging.

Off-Site Regeneration: Generally used in rental units, a pre-owned softening tank is physically replaced with a recharged tank. Spent softening tanks are then recharged at a central location.

Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional can offer complete water treatment system solutions, as well as additional processes to best meet your needs and treat your water.

Contact Ben Franklin Plumbing today for more information about our prompt and professional service. Water treatment services are provided by our team of friendly professionals that are guaranteed to arrive on time. If there is any delay, it’s you we pay! Call today for more information and to book your initial consultation to learn how we can help with all of your plumbing needs.

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