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How clean is your home’s water?

Did you Know?

… that poor water quality could harm your plumbing and home appliances?

Yes, not only is poor water quality throughout Maryland putting homeowners and their families at risk, it could also be doing irreparable harm to their plumbing system and appliances that utilize water.

Common problems caused by poor water quality:

1.) Mineral hardness can cause problems in hydronic heating systems, cause soap scum to build up in drains, and leave scale stains on faucets.

2.) Iron can clog faucet aerators and cartridge filters, and discolors plumbing fixtures. Iron, manganese and other metals in a water supply can also create a metallic taste and odor.

3.) Low pH can be corrosive to copper pipes, leaving bluish stains on fixtures and causing pinhole leaks in pipes.

4.) Hydrogen sulfide can turn into a smelly gas when it comes into contact with the magnesium anodes in water heaters.

The best way to deal with poor water quality?

Call your friends at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we’ll inspect your home’s plumbing and offer solutions that can improve the quality of life for your family… and the life of your appliances too!

Learn about some of our water treatment solutions here.

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